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Covid19 Personal Door Opener

Personal Door Opener

Protect yourself from COVID-19

Made from 5mm easy-clean acrylic.

Don't' touch door handles! Shield yourself from harm.

Since the Corona virus has taken root, Ourselves, like so many others have needed to go to the shops like everyone else.
Our shopping experience has shown us that door handles are a major, unavoidable contact point.

To help others from coming into unnecessary contact with Covid-19 from publicly accessed doors we have created a handy safety tool to hook onto the door handle so you can pull the door open.
Aware of other potential areas of infection, we have created a handy little PDQ-Pick. This will help prevent you from coming into contact with payment devices at checkouts and the 'sign for', type devices used by home delivery companies, ensuring peace-of-mind when entering your pin or scribble your signature.

Cut from 5mm acrylic, the door opener is more than strong enough to do the job and the handle itself has a small point on it also which can also be used in the same way as the PDQ-Pick.

FREE Delivery & PDQ-Pick with every Door-Opener ordered!!

If you are interested in this product and would like to order them in large quantities please contact us and we will discount them based on the quantities required.

5mm Acrylic (colour may vary based on stock levels)
Includes keyring
 - (Door Opener Dimensions)
 - Length - 100mm x Height - 95mm 
 - (PDQ-Pick Dimensions)
 - Length - 55mm x Height - 20mm

Covid19 Personal Door Opener

  • Brand: Pixcel
  • Product Code: Covid19-door-opener
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £5.00
  • Includes screen fees. Add more quantities for discount.

Tags: Laser cutting, covid-19 safety