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Get Canvas Creative!

Posted by Derek 25/05/2016 0 Comment(s)


For many years our customers have gotten Canvas Creative with us here at Pixcel, and now we invite you to do the same!


Ordering custom canvases has never been easier with the help of our websites designer tool! So whether you've got the most adorable baby picture, or a heart-warming family photo, get it on canvas to sit proudly on your wall for all to see!


The first thing you need to decide is what size you’re going to want it to be. We offer a range of standard sizes and also offer square and panoramic sizes too. Often the best way to decide is to see what matches the proportions of your chosen photograph.


(Tip: Often people are unsure as to what size to go for, so a great idea is to measure the space on your wall where you’re planning to hang it, and go with something that will fit the gap!)


We also offer custom sizes that are not on the website, therefore if you need a specific size, contact us at with your details and we will get back to you.


Once you've decided on a size, design it! Our designer is really easy to use and has a range of useful tools to make your canvas look exactly the way you want it. Whether you need help using the design tool, or just want to see the designers full host of features, check out our "Designer Tool" video below. 



Before you head to the check out, you'll need to decide on a couple of things first. Firstly what edge depth do you want? This simply means how thick you want the bar that your canvas is stretched onto. Secondly you'll need to decide whether you want your image wrapped around the side of the canvas or not.

(Tip: We would suggest you only wrap your image around the canvas if you haven’t got anything important at the sides of the picture.)





Hanging your canvas on the wall is as simple process, but if you need some tips, this website has some great pointers, just click here.


It’s a simple as that! We can't wait for you to get Canvas Creative with us!

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