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Mothers Day Gifts

Posted by Derek 14/02/2017 0 Comment(s)


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, coming up on the 26th of March, and im sure many of us take our mums for granted.


She fed you, clothed you and im sure she cleaned up the carnage you left behind during those terrible two’s.


So when she asks you for help with technology, as frustrating as it can be that you have to show her how to do the simplest of tasks 247,848 times, cut her a bit of slack and remember that once she had to teach you how to use a spoon!


Do we show our mums enough appreciation? We know that some of us here at Pixcel are guilty of this, so why not treat her to something special this Mother’s Day.


Our range of Photo Gifts at are the perfect present idea that shows you've put some thought into your Mother’s Day Present, and we all know how much our mums love meaningful presents.


For inspiration we’ve fixed you up some ideas on what you could do with our Photo Gifts, check them out and make your mum one happy lady this Mother’s Day.


Photo Mugs

If like mine, your mum can’t focus before 10 a.m. without 18 cups of coffee flowing through her system, than what better gift than a Photo Mug?

Our online design tool allows you to easily create a design to be proud of. You can upload those cheesy family pictures, add some heart-warming text and create something she will be bragging about to all of her friends during her morning coffee.







Photo Mugs are a great gift idea, but what use is a mug when you don’t have a set of personalised coasters to go with it? Our coasters are a great gift that helps makes a house a home and with prices starting from just £3.50, you’d be missing out if you didn’t go coaster crazy! Just like the mugs these can be easily custom created from start to finish using our simple design tool.





Photo Slates

At Pixcel we like to offer unique gift ideas to our customers where possible, therefore our amazing Photo Slates are now available. These stylish photo slates are a great alternative to common place picture frames and look great sitting pride of place on the mantle.




With all of these products available and much more from, you would be missing out if you didn’t take advantage of them this Mothers Day.


We pride ourselves on our Photo Gifts being affordable, and your mums reaction will be priceless.

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