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UK Passport / ID photos

UK Passport / ID Photos

- Set of 4 UK Passport/ID Photos
- Upload 1 image into the online designer and we'll produce 4 identical photos.
- Dimensions of each photo - 45mm x 35mm
- Please follow the guidelines indicated in the instructions tab

Suitable for:

- Passports                      

- EU Visas

- I.D Cards                      

- Driving Licenses 

- Railcards                        

- Bus Passes

- Student Cards                

- Membership Cards

When you order prints from Pixcel, you are ordering high quality products.

Instructions for creating your ID photo

We have been creating these kinds of photos for many years in our retail shop, so to ensure we provide you with photos that meet the strict requirements for official documentation, it is essential you take a moment to read these instructions.


Taking the photo

  1. Photo must have been taken within the last month.
  2. In focus and a good exposure.
  3. Head must be facing straight towards and looking directly at the camera.
  4. Taken against a plain cream or light grey background.
  5. Without heavy shadows behind the subject or features.
  6. Hair must not be covering eyebrows or cheeks.
  7. Not have been altered by computer software.
  8. Head coverings only worn for religious or medical reasons (not covering eyebrows or cheeks).
  9. - (Adults & over 6's) neutral expression, no smiling, no open mouth or teeth showing.
  10. - (Under 6's) don't need to be looking directly at camera, an open mouth or teeth showing is ok.
  11. - (Infants under 1's) eyes can be closed, if head is supported make sure hand is not visible.

We highly recommend that:

  • Spectacles be removed (any reflections off the rim or lenses may result in your passport application being returned).
  • Large, thick or sparkling earings be removed.
  • Greasy skin or persperation can cause washed out areas on face, wipe or powder affected areas.
  • Hair or Head coverings do NOT exceed the boundaries of the design area template (when you have uploaded the photo), adjust as necessary and re-take photo.

Using the online design tool

  1. Click "Upload Images" on the top of this page (The design tool will now open).
  2. Browse your device to the photo file location, select and upload it.
  3. Enlarge or reduce the photo so the chin and top of the head NOT the hair or head covering (turban etc.), is between the guidelines.
  4. Centre the image so nose is lined with the guidlines.
  5. Click 'Proceed'
  6. Agree that you have followed the instructions and click 'Add to Cart'

If there are major problems with the image and we can't produce in good quality we'll contact you.

UK Passport / ID photos

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